Cormocephalus monilicornis Wood, 1862

Cormocephalus monilicornis Wood, 1862

Original description: Wood H.C.jr. (1862). On the Chilopoda of North America with a catalogue of all the specimens in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution - Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia , (2)5(1): 5-52, see p. 33.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Scolopendridae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Cormocephalus Newport, 1844

Type locality: Choco, New Grenada (=Colombia)

Last taxonomic scrutiny: Kraepelin K. (1903). Revision der Scolopendriden - Jahrbuch der Hamburgischen Wissenschaftlichen Anstalten , (2)20: 1-276, see p. 181.


-- within Southern America: Colombia

Notes: A species of uncertain status, that Kraepelin (1903: 181) considered could be the same of C. impressus Porat, 1876