Cormocephalus humilis Attems, 1928

Cormocephalus humilis Attems, 1928

Original description: Attems C. (1928). Neue Scolopendriden der Museen Wien und Hamburg - Zoologischer Anzeiger , 78: 279-309, see p. 292.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Scolopendridae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Cormocephalus Newport, 1844

Type locality: Tanzania, Zanzibar

Last taxonomic scrutiny: Schileyko A.A., Stagl V. (2004). The collection of scolopendromorph centipedes (Chilopoda) in the Natural History Museum in Vienna: a critical re-evaluation of former taxonomic identifications - Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie B, 105B: 67-137, see p. 94.


-- within Africa: Malawi; Tanzania