Lithobius (Dacolithobius) Matic, 1961

Dacolithobius Matic, 1961 [subgenus of Lithobius Leach, 1814].

Original description: Matic Z. (1961). Un nou subgen de Lithobius (Chilopoda-Lithobiidae) din fauna Republicii Populare Romine - Comunicarile Academiei Republicii Populare Române, 11: 461-467, see p. 461..

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Lithobiidae

Original rank: subgenus

Type species: Lithobius (Dacolithobius) domogledicus (Matic, 1961) - by original designation

Synonymy: Shelley R.M. (2006). Nomenclator generum et familiarum Chilopodorum II: A list of the genus- and family-group names in the Class Chilopoda from 1958 through 2005 - Zootaxa, 1198: 1-20, see p. 3.

Valid Species: