Taeniolinum Pocock, 1894

Taeniolinum Pocock, 1894

Original description: Pocock R.I. (1894). Contributions to the our knowledge of the arthropod fauna of the West Indies. Pt. II. Chilopoda - Journal of the Linnean Society of London , 24: 454-473, see p. 471.

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Schendylidae ("Ballophilinae")

Original rank: genus

Type species: Taeniolinum setosum Pocock,1893 - by monotypy


Last taxonomic scrutiny: Pereira, Foddai, Minelli (2000). On the true identity of Schendylurus (Schendylotyn) integer Chamberlin, 1926, a termitophilous ballophilid centipede (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha) - Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment, 35: 44-51, see p. 44.

Valid Species: