Anopsobiella Attems, 1938

Anopsobiella Attems, 1938

Original description: Attems C. (1938). Die von Dr. C. Dawydoff in französisch Indochina gesammelten Myriopoden - Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. Paris, N.S. 6: 187-353, see p. 350.

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Henicopidae

Original rank: subgenus

Type species: Anopsobius dawydoffi Attems, 1938 - by monotypy

Last taxonomic scrutiny: Shinohara K. (1982). A new genus of centipede of the subfamily Anopsobiinae (Henicopidae Chilopoda) - Proceedings of the Japenese Society of Systematic Zoology , 24: 41-46, see p. 350.

Valid Species:

Notes: Elevated from subgeneric to generic rank by Zalesskaja 1975, Zool. Zhurn., 54: 1316.