Diplochora Attems, 1903

The valid name for Diplochora Attems, 1903 is Strigamia Gray, 1843

Diplochora Attems, 1903

Original description: Attems C. (1903). Synopsis der Geophiliden - Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Systematik, 18: 155-302, see p. 281.

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Geophilidae ("Linotaeniinae")

Original rank: genus

Type species: Diplochora fusata Attems, 1903 - by monotypy

Synonymy: Mercurio R.J. (2010). An annotated catalog of centipedes (Chilopoda) from the United States of America, Canada and Greenland (1758-2008) - Xlibris, Milton Keynes, 560 pp., see p. .

Valid Species: