Teleotelson Verhoeff, 1936

The valid name for Teleotelson Verhoeff, 1936 is Thereuopoda Verhoeff, 1904

Teleotelson Verhoeff, 1936

Original description: Verhoeff K.W. (1936). Kritische Untersuchung asiatischer Scutigeriden - Zoologischer Anzeiger , 115: 1-18, see p. 13.

Order: Scutigeromorpha

Family: Scutigeridae

Original rank: genus

Type species:

Synonymy: W├╝rmli M. (1979). Taxonomic problems in the genus Thereuopoda (Chilopoda Scutigeromorpha: Scutigeridae): the role of postmaturational moultings. In: Camatini M. (ed.), Myriapod biology - Academy Press London, 39-48, see p. 44.