Malaccolabis Verhoeff, 1937

The valid name for Malaccolabis Verhoeff, 1937 is Sterropristes Attems, 1934

Malaccolabis Verhoeff, 1937

Original description: Verhoeff K.W. (1937). Chilopoden aus Malacca nach den Objecten des Raffles Museum in Singapore - Bulletin of the Raffles Museum , 13: 198-270, see p. 200.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Scolopendridae

Original rank: genus

Type species: Malaccolabis metallica Verhoeff,1937 - by monotypy

Synonymy: Muadsub S., Sutcharit C., Pimvichai P., Enghoff H., Edgecombe G.D. & Panha S. (2012). Revision of the rare centipede genus Sterropristes Attems, 1934, with description of a new species from Thailand (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha: Scolopendridae) - Zootaxa, 3484: 35–52, see p. .

Valid Species:

Notes: Verhoeff (1937 - Zool. Anz. 129: 89) again described it as a new genus.