Archilithobius malterris Kenyon,1893

The valid name for Archilithobius malterris Kenyon,1893 is Pokabius bilabiatus (Wood, 1867)

Archilithobius malterris Kenyon,1893

Original description: Kenyon F.C. (1893). A preliminary list of the Myriapoda of Nebraska, with descriptions of new species. - Publications of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 3: 14-18, see p. 18.

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Lithobiidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Archilithobius Stuxberg, 1875

Type locality: Nebraska: Sioux Co., Squaw Canyon

Synonymy: Chamberlin R.V. (1911). The Lithobiomorpha of Wisconsin and neighbouring states - Canadian Entomologist, 43(3): 98-104, see p. 103.

Notes: described as n. sp. also in Kenyan [sic] (1893 - The Canadian Entomologist, 25: 161: type loc. Nebraska: Bad-land, Sioux Co.)