Bothropolys rugosus (Meinert,1872)

Bothropolys rugosus (Meinert,1872)

Original description: Meinert F. (1872). Myriapoda Musaei Hauniensis. Bidrag til Myriapoderns Morphologi og Systematik. II. Lithobiini - Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift, (3)8: 281-344, see p. 306.

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Lithobiidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Lithobius Leach, 1814

Type locality: Hawaii Is.: Oahu


Last taxonomic scrutiny: Ma H-Q., Song D.-X. & Zhu M.-S. (2008). A review of the Chinese species of Bothropolys Wood, 1862 (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae) - Zootaxa, 1786: 35-47, see p. 43.


-- within Asia-Temperate: Kirgizistan; Taiwan; Uzbekistan

-- within Asia-Tropical: Philippines

-- within Pacific: Hawaiian Is.

Notes: Introduced in the Hawaii Islands