Asanada philippina Chamberlin, 1921

Asanada philippina Chamberlin, 1921

Original description: Chamberlin R.V. (1921). New Chilopoda and Diplopoda from the East Indian region - Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 7: 50-87, see p. 53.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Scolopendridae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Asanada Meinert, 1886

Type locality: Philippines, Mt Makiling

Last taxonomic scrutiny: Attems C. (1930). Myriopoda. 2. Scolopendromorpha - Das Tierreich. De Gruyter, Berlin, 54: 1-308, see p. 125.


-- within Asia-Tropical: Philippines