Geophilus longicornis Leach, 1815

The valid name for Geophilus longicornis Leach, 1815 is Geophilus flavus (De Geer, 1778)

Geophilus longicornis Leach, 1815

Original description: Leach W.E. (1815). A tabular view of the external characters of four classes of animals, which Linné arranged under Insecta; with the distribution of the genera composing three of these classes into orders, &c. and descriptions of several new genera and species - Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 11: 306-400, see p. 386.

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Geophilidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Geophilus Leach, 1814

Type locality: "prope Edinburgum" = Edinborough (United Kingdom); "prope [...] Londinum" = London (United Kingdom)

Synonymy: Stuxberg A. (1871). Bidrag till Skandinaviens Myriopodologi. II. Sveriges Chilopoder - Öfversigt af Kongliga Vetenskaps-Akademiens Förhandlingar, 28: 493-512, see p. 508.