Geophilus rubens Say, 1821

The valid name for Geophilus rubens Say, 1821 is Geophilus vittatus (Rafinesque, 1820)

Geophilus rubens Say, 1821

Original description: Say Th. (1821). Description of the Myriapoda of the United States - Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia , 2 (1): 102-114, see p. 113.

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Geophilidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Geophilus Leach, 1814

Type locality: "United States" (U.S.A.)

Synonymy: Hoffman R.L., Crabill R.E. (1953). C. S. Rafinesque as the real father of American myriapodology: an analysis of his hitherto unrecognized species - Florida Entomologist , 36: 73-82, see p. 78.

Notes: Most records published for this species are most probably to be referred to Geophilus vittatus Rafinesque, 1820 (Hoffman & Crabill, 1953 - The Florida Entomologist, 36: 78; Hoffman, 1995 - Banisteria, 5: 24). Considered a junior synonymm of Strigamia bidens