Arenophilus watsingus Chamberlin, 1912

Arenophilus watsingus Chamberlin, 1912

Original description: Chamberlin R.V. (1912). The Geophiloidea of the Southeastern States - Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard College, 54: 405-436, see p. 418.

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Geophilidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Arenophilus Chamberlin, 1912

Type locality: One locality among the following: "Chatham, Va.; Landrum, Seneca and Taylor's, S.C.; Hot Springs and Brown Summit, N.C.; Lexington and Fulton, Ky.; Gainsville, Lula, Tallulah Falls, and Atlanta, Ga.; Anniston, Ala.; Watervalley, Miss."


Last taxonomic scrutiny: Attems C. (1929). Myriapoda. 1. Geophilomorpha - Das Tierreich. De Gruyter, Berlin, 52: 1-388, see p. 218.

Notes: The locality of the holotype was not given in the original description, but it is most probably "Chatham, Va." as the original description is based on a specimen from this locality (Hoffman, 1995 - Banisteria, 5: 23). incorrectly recorded also from Alaska by Attems (1929 - Das Tierreich, 52: 218) because of the misinterpretation of one of the localities listed by Chamberlin (1912 - Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zo├Âlogy, 54: 418).