Lithobius rubriceps Newport, 1845

Lithobius rubriceps Newport, 1845

Original description: Newport G. (1845). Monograph of the class Myriapoda order Chilopoda; with observations on the general arrangement of the Articulata - Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 19: 265-302, 349-439, see p. 364.

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Lithobiidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Lithobius Leach, 1814

Type locality: Spain: Southern Spain

Last taxonomic scrutiny: Ganske A-S., Vahtera V., Dányi L., Edgecombe G. D., Akkari N. (2020). Phylogeny of Lithobiidae Newport, 1844, with emphsis on the megadiverse genus Lithobius Leach, 1814 (Myriapoda, Chilopoda) - Cladistics, 0: 1-23, see p. 18.


-- within Europe: Spain