Scolopendra cribrifera Gervais, 1847

The valid name for Scolopendra cribrifera Gervais, 1847 is Scolopendra rubripes Newport, 1845

Scolopendra cribrifera Gervais, 1847

Original description: Gervais P. (1847). Myriapodes. In: Walckenaer C.A. de, Gervais F.L .P., Histoire naturelle des Insectes Aptères, Tome 4. - Librairie Encyclopédique de Roret, Paris, 1-57, 210-623, see p. 248.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Scolopendridae

Original rank:

Original genus: Scolopendra Linnaeus, 1758

Type locality: Ile Bourou [Indonesia]


Last taxonomic scrutiny: Schileyko A.A., Stagl V. (2004). The collection of scolopendromorph centipedes (Chilopoda) in the Natural History Museum in Vienna: a critical re-evaluation of former taxonomic identifications - Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie B, 105B: 67-137, see p. 121.