Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) bokumensis Kraus, 1958

The valid name for Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) bokumensis Kraus, 1958 is Cryptops loveridgei (Lawrence, 1953)

Cryptops (Trigonocryptops) bokumensis Kraus, 1958

Original description: Kraus O. (1958). Myriapoda (Chilopoda Diplopoda) - Exploration du Parc National de l'Upemba. Mission G. F. de Witte, 54: 3-67, see p. 130.

Order: Scolopendromorpha

Family: Cryptopidae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Cryptops Leach, 1815

Type locality: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Synonymy: Lewis J.G.E. (2005). A reassessment of Cryptops loveridgei Lawrence and C. kivuensis Lawrence, with observations on the subgenera Trigonocryptops Verhoeff and Paratrigonocryptops Demange (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha). - African Invertebrates, 46: 115-124, see p. 120.


-- within Africa: Congo