Thereuonema microstoma (Meinert,1886)

Thereuonema microstoma (Meinert,1886)

Original description: Meinert F. (1886). Myriapoda Musei Cantabrigiensis. Part I. Chilopoda - Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society , 23: 161-233, see p. 173.

Order: Scutigeromorpha

Family: Scutigeridae

Original rank: species

Original genus: Scutigera Lamarck, 1801

Type locality: 70 miles from Amballa and Koolloo


Last taxonomic scrutiny: Stoev P., Geoffroy J.-J. (2004). An annotated catalogue of the scutigeromorph centipedes in the collection of the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (France) (Chilopoda: Scutigeromorpha) - Zootaxa, 635: 1-12, see p. 5.


-- within Africa: Egypt; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Sudan

-- within Asia-Tropical: Pakistan

Notes: The type locality is of the lectotype