Nesogeophilus (Euronesogeophilus) Matic, 1972

The valid name for Nesogeophilus (Euronesogeophilus) Matic, 1972 is Nesogeophilus Verhoeff, 1924

Euronesogeophilus Matic, 1972 [subgenus of Nesogeophilus Verhoeff, 1924].

Original description: Matic Z. (1972). Fauna Republicii Socialiste Romania. Clasa Chilopoda Subclasa Epimorpha - Academiei Republicii Socialiste Romania Bucuresti, 6: 1-220, see p. 99..

Order: Geophilomorpha

Family: Geophilidae

Original rank: subgenus

Type species: Geophilus ormanyensis Attems, 1903 - by original designation

Synonymy: Bonato L., Minelli A. (2008). Stenotaenia Koch, 1847: a hitherto unrecognized lineage of western Palaearctic centipedes with unusual diversity in body size and segment number (Chilopoda: Geophilidae) - Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 153: 253-286, see p. 255.