Lamyctopristus (Lamyctopristus) Attems, 1928

Lamyctopristus Attems, 1928 [subgenus of Lamyctopristus Attems, 1928].

Original description: Attems C. (1928). The Myriopoda of South Africa - Annals of the South African Museum , 26: 1-431, see p. 64..

Order: Lithobiomorpha

Family: Henicopidae

Original rank: genus

Type species: Lamyctopristus validus Attems, 1928 - by monotypy

Synonymy: Edgecombe G.D. (2003). A new genus of henicopid centipede (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha) from New Caledonia - Memoirs of the Queensland Museum , 49: 269-284, see p. 64.

Notes: Remarks: Classification of Lamyctopristus as the nominate subgenus and Lamyctopristus (Eumyctes) follows Edgecombe 2003, Mem. Qld. Mus., 49:272.